How Art Can Help You Beat Depression

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Just when I turned 25 it seemed that my life couldn’t get any better, I married the woman of my dreams, had a fantastic job, a nice house and everything a man can wish for himself. Despite all that there was an emptiness growing inside and soon I was diagnosed with depression. Life became color drained, it lost its purpose and nothing seemed appealing or joyous to me.

We planned our trip to Europe which almost got cancelled due to my health. Hopefully I was able to put myself together just enough to be able to go on that vacation. No vacation happens without a camera and my wife just got the new DSLR model. I noticed that I was drawn towards composing shots and had a certain angle to look at the entire creative process.

After the trip I downloaded Instagram and this was the second time photography entered my mind, so I pulled out the camera and started taking pictures around the house and things that surrounded me. Accidentally I found my way down to the beach to watch the sunrise and this was a life-changing experience for me!

My victory over depression didn’t happen overnight, but over the next few months I began to see the beauty in the world and i life again. looking through the lense allowed me to notice the colors that depression washed away. Everything around me, things I would mindlessly pass by before now opened to me in a new way breathing on full.

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